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 Project │

BBC - BlueBioClusters


Programme │

Horizon Europe - Horizon Europe is the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation for 2021 - 2027


Budget │

€ 2.3M


Partnership │

The project is coordinated by Submariner Network and involves a total of 12 partners and 1 associated partner, located in 10 European countries mostly on the North Sea seaboard - Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Portugal and United-Kingdom.


Duration │

 36 months (August 2022 - July 2025)


Project summary │

The project aims to improve, develop and implement new support tools and methods based on systematic collection, benchmarking and joint knowledge creation on blue biobased value chains, practice cases and incentives.


Objectives │

BlueBioClusters overarching objective is to support and increase the uptake of sustainable blue bioeconomy business opportunities by European (coastal) regions, companies and citizens (incl. low-income populations), to contribute to regional development and the EU Green Deal by improving the services of blue bioeconomy clusters throughout Europe to both public as well as private actors.

The project's specific objectives are:

  1. Showcase integrated and circular value chains within the Blue Economy, which can serve as role models and inspiration to European coastal communities
  2. Provide tools for supporting businesses/regions in integrating ecosystem services into novel ecologic-driven business models
  3. Provide regional blue bio companies/actors access to the technologies they require to realize their transition to blue bio-based regions
  4. Stimulate / accelerate the development of an innovative, inclusive blue bioeconomy in the participating regions by enabling entrepreneurs/citizens to realize their sustainable, eco-friendly business ideas
  5. Foster blue bioeconomy actions in regional development plans and their political / societal uptake through a monitoring and evaluation plan based on SMART objectives.


Cluster's role │

PMBA is leading the work package focusing on “Technology mapping & transfer”, will help developing the Blue portal, will organize coaching and mentoring sessions, write best practices and promote the project activities and outcomes.


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