The PH4S project will develop a hybrid system for producing electricity which will exploit four types of marine renewable energy: wave, current, wind and sun.

The new system will be based on the principle of pooling a generating plant and/or a single conversion system common to all forms of renewable energy combined. In short, it will transform the mechanical (wind, tidal, wave or other) and electrical (solar) energy captured into a single type of energy available through a single outlet (electric cable), by using a single transducer with its own optimised, stable energy conversion chain.

This innovative technology combining 4 renewable energies will simplify the conversion chain, optimise the output of energy captured upstream, share transformation methods and standardize supply cabling to the electricity network donwstream. The ultimate aim is to develop a range of products generating energy of a few kW to several MW and intended for autonomous usage. In its initial phase, the project will involve the design, production and testing of a 5-metre diameter pilot system producing a few kW and operating in real-life conditions in order to overcome the technological obstacles inherent in combining renewable energies.

The aim of the project is to use a significantly sized pilot device to demonstrate the output of the innovative 4-energy technology developed and patented by Geps Techno, and to validate the model for managing and regulating electricity output.

PH4S is one component in a technologically innovative system developed by project director Geps Techno, namely the MIiner demonstrator which is capable of generating 1 MW. Integrating wind, tidal, wave and solar energies will improve the output of each of these and significantly reduce the problem of intermittency.

The hybrid project has a direct application in the development of a new product, GEMER (Groupe Electrogène Marin à Energie Renouvelable - Marine Electricity Generating uisng Renewable Energy), aimed at niche markets such as yachting, marine shipyards, aquaculture, buoys and measurement towers. This product will compete directly with diesel-powered electricity generators.

The PH4S project is recognised jointly by the clusters Pôle Mer Bretagne and Pôle EMC2

  • - Geps Techno, Saint-Nazaire  [Project Developer]
  • - Mécasoud, Saint-Nazaire
  • - STX France, Saint Nazaire
Research centers
  • - Icam, Carquefou
  • - Ifremer, Brest
- Ademe
- Collectivités territoriales
Overall budget
1 011 K€