A project coordinating and engineering team
A thirty-strong team made up of staff from cluster members manages cross-wise activities that demand a networking approach to ensure projects initiated by the Mer Bretagne Atlantique cluster get off the ground.



·          Patrick Poupon, Director

·          Stéphane Alain Riou, Deputy Director

·          Gwenaelle Prigent, Assistant

·           Karine Pennec, Secretary

Six subject-related committees have been established.
As of April 2014 these are:  

securite-surete   Maritime safety and security

·        Vincent Verbeque, Thales

·        Benoît Clément, ENSTA Bretagne  

naval-nautisme   Shipbuilding and leisure boatbuilding

·        Jean-Yves Pradillon, ENSTA Bretagne

ressources-marines   Marine energy and mining resources

  • Deep offshore
  • Marine renewable energy

·        Raphael Vambre, DCNS

·        Jean-Yves Pradillon, ENSTA Bretagne

·        Dominique Kervazo, French naval adviser

ressources-biologiques   Marine biological resources

  • Biotechnology

·        Rachel Portal-Sellin, Technopole Quimper-Cornouaille

·        Patrick Durand, Ifremer

  • Fishing and aquaculture

·        Rachel Portal-Sellin, Technopole Quimper-Cornouaille

·        Yvon Morizur, Ifremer

environnement-littoral   Environmental and coastal planning and development

·        Bernard Sautjeau, Veolia

·        Yannick Aoustin, Ifremer

·        Jean-Pierre Mazé, Actimar

infrastructures   Port infrastructure and maritime transport

EIA team tasks

  • Early identification of academic and industrial skills
  • Networking
  • Facilitating emergence of innovative collaborative projects
  • Supporting project leaders: setting up projects, securing recognition, seeking partnerships and funding and assisting economic development
  • Providing SME support services, particularly for overseas expansion
  • Working directly with the French navy and national maritime operations
  • Intelligence and economic monitoring
  • Communication and media relations

Cross-wise activities

·        Nisha Le Joliff, communication and media relations 

·        Sébastien Cann, CCI Brest, relations with SMEs and international relations 

·        Françoise Duprat, Technopôle Brest-Iroise, financial engineering

·        Dominique Kervazo, French naval adviser

·        Philippe Monbet, European projects

·        Erwan Bescond, Anticipa Technopôle Lannion Trégor

·        Raphaëlle Lebreton, Technopole Rennes Atalante

·        Rachel Portal-Sellin, Technopole Quimper-Cornouaille

·        Delphine Christian, Miriade, Caen, Basse-Normandie

·        Frédéric Ravilly, Atlanpole, Pays de la Loire