Governance action through interaction

The Mer Bretagne Atlantique cluster took the bold step of bringing together such diverse groups as major industrials, research and education bodies, SMEs and institutional partners. The cluster took the logical decision to work on factors which unite them, namely innovation and new opportunities. In addition, the structure of the Mer Bretagne Atlantique cluster is designed to preserve an economic, geographical and strategic balance.

A board of management representing the membership
The board of management is made up of representatives from four colleges, one for each stakeholder group in the maritime region of Bretagne–Pays de La Loire.

Bureau members

Chairman: Dominique Sennedot, DCNS

Secretary: Antoine Dosdat, Ifremer

Treasurer: Didier Grosdemange, In Vivo

3 Vice-chairmen: Hervé Moulinier, Thalès Systèmes Aéroportés, Jean-Christophe Piot, C.F.P.R Groupe Roullier and Paul Friedel, Télécom Bretagne