Structural health monitoring (SMH) is a crucial issue for infrastructure managers in different fields such as structural engineering, energy sector installations and building works.

The managers concerned rely on experts to determine the performance indicators for assessing infrastructure health. A lack of effective prediction methods results in pathology surveys being conducted too late and leading to higher diagnostic and repair costs.

The OHMIGOD project will perfect scanning methods and tools using a hybrid approach involving high-output vibration and electromagnetic technologies.

The proposed solutions are ground-breaking in the civil engineering sector for their unique approach to gauging performance indicators that couples longevity indicators resulting from characterising the physical and di-electric properties of the material involved and the mechanical and vibratory properties of the structure as a whole.

The project partners will subsequently seek to replicate this ‘longevity’ approach in other fields: energy (wind turbines and dams), buildings and historic monuments, determining new longevity indicators for these.

  • - Morphosense, Le Bourget du Lac
Research center
  • - CEREMA-Ouest, Nantes  [Project Developer]
- Agence Nationale de la Recherche
Overall budget
300 K€