Periodontitis is a bacterial disease that affects the gum tissue surrounding the teeth and dental implants. More common than dental caries, it is the leading cause of tooth loss. It is a public health issue, as it not only affects the mouth and throat but is a compounding factor in cases of severe chronic systemic illnesses and is thus implicated in an increased risk of cancer.

The HEMDental-Care project will offer a medical device formulated from marine-sourced haemoglobin and a hyaluronic acid gel, capable of delivering oxygen and, specifically, of targeting the microorganisms implicated in this disease without upsetting the oral microbiota. The moisturising properties of hyaluronic acid mean it is a common ingredient used in beauty products. It generally serves to reduce the appearance of dark circles and facial wrinkles.

The HEMDental-Care project therefore ultimately aims to bring a new medical device to market in combination with a mechanical treatment and to offer the prospect of a promising treatment for periodontitis.

The HEMDental-Care project is also officially recognised by the Atlanpole Biothérapies cluster.

  • - Hemarina, Morlaix  [Project Developer]
  • - HTL S.A.S, Javené
Research center
  • - INSERM, UMR 1241 NuMeCan, équipe CIMIAD, Rennes
Région Bretagne
Overall budget
1 161 K€