The VIPP project involves perfecting a new generation of peptides for human nutrition and health to treat stress/burnout/sleep problems.

Significant and prolonged stress produces many negative effects on the heart, blood vessels, digestion, immune system and nervous system. Several studies have shown that opioid peptides derived from food proteins (particularly fish) have an important anti-stress effect. Compounds extracted from the flanks of sardines and subjected to an enzymatic hydrolysis process have proved to be bioactive peptides of considerable interest.

The aim of the VIPP project is therefore to study and optimise the marine-sourced bioactive peptides for a specific health and nutrition – i.e. anti-stress – application. Preclinical trials already carried out on the product Peptidyss, developed by Abyss Ingrédients, have shown it to be significantly effective in combating stress.

The VIPP project will seek to identify and biologically characterise specific bioactive peptides to provide even more powerful anti-stress health solutions.

The VIPP project is also recognised by the Valorial cluster.

  • - ABYSS Ingrédients, Caudan et Quimper  [Project Developer]
  • - C-RIS Pharma, Saint-Malo
  • - Capsularis, Pleuven
Research centers
  • - IDMER, Centre technique, Lorient
  • - PROTIM, Université de Rennes 1, Rennes
Région Bretagne
Lorient Agglomération
Saint-Malo Agglomération
Overall budget
1 007 K€