MVDPM is aimed at creating a new niche market within the marine products industry by establishing a new method of directly promoting fishing produce - fish, shellfish and crustaceans - based on a direct relationship between Breton traditional producers and end consumers.

This direct link between industry professionals and consumers will operate using a new Specialist Distance Selling system based on technological, commercial and logistical innovations in sea produce marketing.

The MVDPM project will adopt a structured approach that incorporates the functions of supply, processing, marketing and logistics to directly promote fresh marine produce as closely possible to the consumer. This approach will introduce added value throughout the supply chain, beginning with the industry’s upstream fishing and wholesale fish trade activities.

MVDPM will provide consumers with unrivalled choice in terms of freshness, traceability, origin, convenience, cooking options and home delivery.

Lastly, MVDPM will increase consumers’ knowledge of species, diversity, origin and seasonality. The project will promote and develop fish produce still insufficiently familiar to the general public.

  • - Force Mer, Quimper-Loctudy  [Project Developer]
  • - Renz, Woustviller
Research center
  • - Agrocampus Ouest, Pôle Halieutique, UMR 985 INRA-AO et UMR 1302 INRA-AO
France AgriMer
Overall budget
9,8 M€