eOdyn is commercialising a customised service for real-time measurement of marine currents on a global scale using a technology – Omni-Situ (OS) – that relies on analysing shipping and AIS (Automatic Identification System) data. The AIS data is collected with the help of coastal stations or via satellites (Sat-AIS). The satellites currently in orbit do not enable all AIS messages transmitted by ships to be collected.

The DUOS project is proposing to improve the quality of the OS measurements by working on the synergies between satellite measuring systems. The OS measurements produced by eOdyn depend on the density of shipping in the measuring zone. The greater the number of passing ships, the greater the resulting spatially and temporally resolved data.

By establishing synergy between the data derived from existing satellites and using different measuring technologies, it will be possible to create new generation current, wind and wave products that exploit the best of the current satellite systems and Omni-Situ technology. The project will thus perfect eOdyn’s algorithm and its application to wind and wave measurement.

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