The BIOCOAST project is aimed at generating a commercial mapping service of coastal, terrestrial and intertidal habitats using satellite imaging. The project is based on exploiting semi-automated High- and very High-Resolution satellite images from Pleiades and Sentinel-2, using advanced image processing techniques.

The project’s innovation lies in implementing encouraging new technology to process high volumes of data and to exploit deep learning, currently deployed in big data applications, in order to produce inventories of flora.

A baseline needs to be established and the variability of intertidal and coastal wet zones characterised in order to draw up and implement management plans for designated sites (Natura 2000, etc.) and the Habitat Directive.

  • - i-Sea, Mérignac  [Project Developer]
Other partners
  • - Laboratoire Biogeco, UMR INRA, Université de Bordeaux
  • - Laboratoire IMS, UMR Bordeaux Science Agro, Université de Bordeaux
  • - Société JOLIBRAIN, Toulouse
Overall budget
200 K€