The SOLID SAIL 2.0 project aims to consolidate the concept of a rigid sail produced from articulated composite panels, which can be folded without any external action or buckling. As it is manufactured from composite panels, the rigid has a virtually indefinite lifecycle. The design was developed and patented by STX Shipyards and has been the subject of two demonstrators tested at sea in 2016 and 2017.

This second phase of the project involves moving on from the demonstrator stage to a product that is as effective as the classic, flexible sail but is noticeably similar in cost and five times more durable.

The first application targeted is the market for new-generation sailing cruise ships.

The first two demonstrators showed the validity of the design and highlighted the improvements required to compete fully with flexible sails.

The rigid sails could also be of interest to the fishing and leisure boating sectors.

The SOLID SAIL 2.0 project is also recognised by the EMC2 cluster.

  • - Multiplast, Vannes  [Project Developer]
  • - Awentech, Brech
  • - G-Sea Design, Lorient
  • - Incidence, Brest
  • - Mer Vent, Port-La-Forêt
  • - Ocean Data System, Lorient
  • - STX France, Saint Nazaire
Research center
  • - ENSTA Bretagne, Brest
Région Bretagne
Overall budget
994 K€