Funded project

Unique, revolutionary and accessible to all, Platypus is a semi-submersible for undersea exploration in shallow waters. In the form of a trimaran with a central hull attached to each outrigger by articulated arms, Platypus can be submerged to a depth of 1.5 m and can be operated with complete safety on the surface or underwater.

Made from aluminium, the vessel is 6.8 m long and is powered by two thermal engines. It can reach speeds of up to fourteen knots on the surface and can be limited to three knots when submerged. Simple to use, Platypus handles like a jet-ski with a maximum of 5 passengers sitting astride the central hull.

With a novel design, Platypus is intended for both leisure and professional use. The ‘leisure’ version makes seabed exploration accessible to a broad section of the population and will help ‘democratise’ diving.

Regarding professional use, Platypus affords a platform that facilitates seabed operations in shallow waters: surveillance and maintenance of installations as well as environmental clean-up operations and coastal waste collection using suction equipment installed on board.

Platypus offers easy access to all diving activities in shallow waters and will therefore contribute to developing new professional and leisure activities and markets.

  • - SAS ISALT, Machecoul  [Project Developer]
  • - PLATYPUS CRAFT, inventeur, Machecoul
  • - VPLP, Van Peteghem Lauriot-Prévost, Vannes
- Ademe
Overall budget
435 K€