As MRE develops so will the need to train personnel involved in constructing and maintaining offshore energy farms.

The particular nature of these new professions linked to offshore activities will entail development of more specific training. The VISTA project is therefore proposing to create an immersive simulation platform based on the latest virtual and augmented reality technologies. Simulation will cover defining missions, realistic representation of the marine environment and the installations to maintain, carrying out collaborative works, etc.

Technically, the VISTA platform will take the form of a collection of software libraries (framework), devoted to simulating immersion in the maritime environment. It will be possible to use the platform to realise different applications by implementing virtual reality features in the particular field of marine renewable energy and in maritime activities more generally.

This application will enable the impact of the virtual reality experience on a panel of trainees to be evaluated as part of an initial test training session carried out during the project.

  • - Alyotech Technologies, Rennes  [Project Developer]
  • - Polymorph, Montgermont
Research centers
  • - Centre Européen de Formation Continue Maritime, Concarneau
  • - ENSTA Bretagne, Brest
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