The VALARRAY project plans to conduct a feasibility study to provide MRE players with numerical tools to optimise the architecture of marine energy farms, particularly those featuring floating wind and tidal turbines, to pre-dimension future projects.

The tools earmarked for the study are essential for deploying large scale MRE farms where the aim is to reduce costs and contain the technological and economic risks involved.  

A range of software tools has already been developed. These are representative to varying degrees of exactitude and have different commercial and scientific objectives. An initial phase of the project will therefore compare already existing tools using a rigorous numerical benchmark. A clear medium- and long-term framework for developing the tools selected will then be drawn up based on information gathered on the sector’s needs.


  • - Eolink, Plouzané
  • - Innosea, Nantes
  • - Naval Energies, Paris
  • - STX France, Saint Nazaire
Research centers
  • - France Energies Marines, Plouzané (29) et Marseille  [Project Developer]
  • - École Centrale de Nantes
  • - Université de Caen, Caen
  • - Université de Nantes, Nantes
Agence Nationale de la Recherche
France Energies Marines
Overall budget
275 k€