Using tidal power to produce electricity is the concept behind the Hydrohelix Company which has brought together eight businesses and research centres under the umbrella of the MARENERGIE/SABELLA project. The project partners are preparing to instal the first 200 kW hydrogenerator – a large-diameter turbine linked to an electric generator – which will transform the kinetic energy of tidal currents into electricity and then convey it by cable to the coast. After a trial period, it will be possible to connect a 1megawatt production unit comprising five hydrogenerators to the network.
The use of tidal currents, which produce predictable levels of energy as they are influenced by the phases of the moon and not subject to the vagaries of the weather, is just one response to the issues of declining fossil fuel stocks, diversification of energy sources and exploiting forms of renewable energy which do not generate greenhouse gases. The MARENERGIE/SABELLA project aims not only to develop new French technology for use along our own coasts, but also for deployment abroad.

  • - Sabella, Quimper  [Project Developer]
  • - Bureau Véritas, Paris
Research center
  • - Ifremer, Brest
- Ademe
- Collectivités territoriales
29/05/2009, suite du projet MARENERGIE en 12/2005
Overall budget
10 283K€