Installing offshore structures for the development of MRE on the continental shelf, and particularly along the French littoral, often poses real engineering challenges that demand excellent knowledge of the geology of the seafloor.

The GEOSISMEM project aims to develop a new methodology for ground surveying. A combination of different geophysical surveying techniques, based on Ultra High Resolution (UHR) multi-trace seismic reflection and electromagnetism, and data from geotechnical surveys will be used to optimise the engineering on projects for installing anchoring, foundations and cables, by making it possible to quantify the physical and mechanical properties of the geological environment.

Upstream, the project will seek to improve geological risk assessment and to optimise the number and siting of geotechnical surveys by putting forward an innovative approach to inter-well correlation based on geophysical data.

  • - Bureau Véritas, Paris
  • - EDF EN, Paris
  • - ENGIE
  • - EOLFI
  • - MAPPEM Géophysics, Brest
  • - Naval Energies, Paris
Research centers
  • - France Energies Marines, Plouzané (29) et Marseille  [Project Developer]
  • - Ifremer, Brest
  • - Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest
Agence Nationale de la Recherche
France Energies Marines
Overall budget
638 k€