The object of the Sea2Sea project is to develop and validate production of a pool of innovative marine probiotics encased in seaweed to improve the health and productivity of stocks of farmed fish such as bream, bass and trout.

Derived 100% from the sea, these pioneering products will be more suitable than current formulations and so more effective at tackling the issues encountered in fish farming.

The Sea2Sea project will run for 3 years and will include validation of the product in actual fish-farming conditions. It will culminate in the marketing of a probiotic for fish nutrition and health that is produced solely from local, marine resources.

The key objective will be to considerably reduce the use of antibiotics and thus limit the risk of antibiotic resistance observed extensively in aquaculture and in humans as the end consumer.

  • - Marine Akwa, Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer / Dinan  [Project Developer]
  • - Ferme Marine de Douhet, Ile Oléron
  • - Les Poissons du Soleil, 4 sites en Hérault et Pyrénées Orientales
Research centers
  • - ANSES, Ploufragan, Plouzané, Niort
  • - UBO, LBCM - Laboratoire de Biotechnologie et de Chimie Marines, Lorient, Quimper
Région Bretagne
Overall budget
1 668 K€