In recent years, SYNOXIS ALGAE has developed a range of high performance photobioreactors (PBRs) based on Spiral Air Lift Tubular (SALT) technology to facilitate microalgae farming. Prototypes and pilots have already been manufactured.

Some reliability issues remain to be resolved, however, for domestic and export sales to grow with confidence.

The JUMBO project will optimise a system of airstones, which will deliver the required mix of gases to the microalgae crop using SALT technology.

The project will also design a multipurpose harvester that will be efficient whatever the cultivation stage, nature of the farming environment and strain of microalgae being farmed.

The project will also measure how JUMBO performs in the case microalgal polyculture involving 4 or 5 strains.

  • - Synoxys Algae, Le Cellier  [Project Developer]
Conseil Régional des Pays de la Loire
Overall budget
190 K€