Funded project

The ALGOLIFE project is aimed at establishing an industry in France and in Brittany in particular to develop the commercial potential of bioactive molecules extracted from macroalgae for nutrition and animal health/nutrition markets.

The project will be centred on 3 areas:

- Enriching macroalgae from the macroalgal culture collection or from algaculture greenhouse tanks with inorganic elements to produce new potentially interesting molecules,

- Identifying and characterising these molecules from fractions of green, red or brown algae by perfecting high-yield extraction processes,

- Formulating innovative products for the intended markets and validating the activities of molecules by setting up in vitro and in vivo trials and field trials tailored to meet the regulatory requirements of each of the targeted markets.

This project is being run alongside two other key projects on which it will draw, namely ULVANS, involved in developing the commercial potential of green algae juice and marc, and VB2 (formerly VALORALG), working on new cash crop agribusiness and animal and plant nutrition products obtained from binding algae to fruit and vegetable co-products.

  • - Amadéite, Bréhan
  • - Diana Pet Food Vivae, Elven
  • - SICA, Saint-Pol de Léon (Agrival) [Porteur de projet]
Research centers
  • - ANSES, Ploufragan
  • - Station Biologique de Roscoff
Overall budget
24 712 K€