The Lupo project aims to design and develop an electric watercraft with foils aimed at the sea, lake and river tourism market: for rental, for waterfront hotels, other river tourism and urban transport.

This project will commercialise a new leisure boating concept accessible to all, designed to fly across the water without harming the environment.

Before the final approved, lightweight, high-performance, self-powered, stable craft can be released for safe and responsive handling by its users, there are still several technical challenges to overcome:

  • Electric propulsion of a PWC on vertical bifoil skegs, a configuration which allows the craft to turn while leaning, making driving far more exciting than anything currently available
  • Stable navigation and manoeuvring on the foils from a speed of 8 kn up to a maximum of 20 kn
  • Power self-sufficiency for an hour for all journey profiles identified
  • Motorised retraction of the skegs for bodies of water requiring a small draft, and for ‘beaching’ the craft (so it can be launched from a beach or riverbank, without a jetty).
  • - BIRD-E Marine, Nantes  [Project Developer]
Other partners
  • - Ar-Meca, Thorigné Fouillard
  • - VE-Tronic, La Chapelle Launay
En recherche de financement
Overall budget
222 K€