The emergence of the onboard passive safety system is playing a key role in maritime safety. The system involves the development of devices installed directly on board ships during construction to prevent and/or reduce the damaging impacts of accidental hydrocarbon or hazardous liquid spills at sea.

The Fast Oil Recovery System developed by JLMD Ecologic Group, which provides a rapid and reliable connector system for each of the different tanks on a ship, has secured its first international technical certification. The project will seek to demonstrate that installing such a device on board ships is in the economic and legal interests of the various stakeholders involved in any potential losses: ship owners, insurers, search and rescue operators and maritime authorities including the IMO.

The aim is to show the relevance of the concept of the ‘Salvage-friendly Ship’ as one of the technological building blocks of the ship of the future, a ship that is cleaner, safer and adapted to what is required environmentally and economically to achieve sustainable blue growth.

  • - JLMD Ecologic Group, Paris et Brest  [Project Developer]
  • - Réseau ALLEGANS, Brest
Research center
  • - UBO - Amure, Brest
Other partner
  • - Cedre, Brest
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Overall budget
362 K€