The COSME project aims to design new simulation, prediction and performance analysis tools for smart foiling vessels. These will be used as a decision-support system by naval architects and project operators working at a very high level.

The tools developed will make it possible:

  • To optimise the control of a boat, which will evolve dynamically depending on the weather and route taken
  • To produce onboard tools which help with operational and strategic decision making in real time
  • To assess in a simulated situation how navigable a particular design will be.

The main market for this project is the racing yacht market, but the tools developed will also benefit pleasure craft and rapid maritime transport.

  • - Benjamin Muyl Design - BMD, Auray  [Project Developer]
  • - Guillaume Verdier Architecture navale, Larmor-Baden
Research center
  • - Université de Bretagne-Sud, Laboratoire IRDL (Institut de Recherche Dupuy de Lôme), Lorient
Sans financement public
Overall budget
1 510 k€