The SPIDHY project is aimed at developing and testing ‘La Base Chameau’, a safe, stable and cheaper method patented by Guinard Energies for installing and removing equipment from the seabed, including where there are strong currents. This solution will improve the competitiveness of the tidal turbine sector by reducing the cost of installing turbines by 30% to 40%. The project will also provide an opportunity to install a 4m MegaWattBlue turbine in the Etel Ria.

All tidal turbine installations to date have used relatively costly methods – specialist vessels or dedicated barges – which have to be mobilised for each operation involving the equipment, particularly maintenance.

The principle relies on using a floating base with two interconnected floaters which function as ballast during the installation and removal phases. This has two advantages: it maximises the ease with which the turbine is positioned, and it dispenses with any heavy lifting equipment.

  • - Guinard Energies Nouvelles, Brest  [Project Developer]
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Overall budget
817 K€