The PEPTISAN project aims to identify bioactive, anti-cancer molecules in dogfish organs which will be of interest to a pharmaceutical industry that has been involved for more than a decade in researching bio-drugs.

In addition to the anti-cancer sector, these bio-molecules will target diabetes, commonly associated with obesity, which has risen more than 60% in the course of the last few years. These increasingly common metabolic diseases, which often generate serious complications, represent a major challenge for public health.

PEPTISAN will initially require active peptides to be extracted from dogfish organs and then purified, identified and screened. The new molecules will then have to be validated at preclinical level for combating cancer and metabolic pathologies (diabetes and obesity).

Ultimately, the plan is to market these molecules by resale through a pharmaceutical company.

  • - C-RIS Pharma, Saint-Malo  [Project Developer]
Research centers
  • - École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes, (ENSCR), équipe COS, Rennes
  • - Station biologique de Roscoff
  • - Université de Caen, Caen
- Conseil régional de Bretagne
- Conseil régional de Basse-Normandie
Overall budget
1 384 K€