The Huddle Bio-Hatch project aims to meet the needs of hatcheries by offering innovative solutions to substitutes for live prey. The larval stage of zooplankton in most marine species poses constraints on hatcheries which seek to control production cycles while reducing operational risks.

Fish are extremely fragile at the larval stage when their digestive tract is still underdeveloped. The Huddle Bio-Hatch project will therefore exploit innovative technologies to develop an inert, high-performance micro feed.

The effectiveness of this micro feed in hatcheries will help generate more robust larvae. This will enhance the quality of the resulting alevins, whose initial growth will have been assisted by formulae adjusted to their nutritional needs, thereby improving the performance of the entire fish-farming industry.

  • - Huddle Corp, Nantes  [Project Developer]
  • - Écloserie marine de Gravelines
Research centers
  • - INRA, Nantes
  • - Laboratoire GEPEA (Génie des Procédés-Environnement-Agroalimentaire), Nantes
  • - Oniris, Nantes
  • - PFI, Boulogne-Sur-Mer
Overall budget
2 540 k€