Aquaculture is an important source of economic development for coastal territories in Europe specialising in this activity. Offshore and coastal issues need to be considered in the context of blue growth, but aquaculture must nonetheless take account of the environmental constraints and conflicts of use associated with its activities.

The AQUA-MOD project will tackle these societal issues in the context of the European Union Horizon 2020 Programme. AQUA-MOD proposes to draw on a European research network to establish a common methodology, with a view to submitting a proposal in response to the societal challenge of “Sustainable Food Security” as part of the H2020 Programme.

The project will therefore develop a systematic analysis framework to help aquaculture find a path to sustainable growth and to support new methods of development devised within the context of blue growth, particularly by underlining their potential bias and limitations for growth over the long term.

Research center
  • - Ifremer, UMR M101 AMURE - Aménagement des Usages des Ressources et des Espaces marins et littoraux, Brest  [Project Developer]
- Agence Nationale de la Recherche
Overall budget
104 K€