The PECHYB project involves designing a fishing boat of less than twenty-four metres featuring hybrid diesel/electric propulsion based on batteries to improve the profitability of fishing and to reduce the vessel’s carbon footprint.

The value of hybridisation (the addition of a battery bank to the boat’s propulsion chain) lies in the way it responds to the vessel’s energy demands at times when these vary widely. This is the case, for example, with the Danish Seine fishing technique. The batteries produce substantial savings by ensuring a smooth energy loading with optimum operating of the generators. The energy saved as a result reduces the boat’s ‘environmental signature’.

The project therefore aims to produce:
-  A detailed preliminary draft of a fishing boat with a defined budget for construction;
-  A tool for analysing the adaptability of the hybrid technology to existing types of fishing boats and ships.

  • - Arco Marine, Saint-Nazaire  [Project Developer]
  • - ABB, Le Havre
  • - Apak, Lorient
  • - Barillec, Concarneau
  • - CMN Groupe
  • - Frédéric Neuman, Saint-Nazaire
  • - LMG Marin, Toulouse
  • - SAFT groupe Total Bagnolet
Research center
  • - ENSTA Bretagne, Brest
- Ademe
Overall budget
541 K€